Procurement organizations are facing increasing pressure to accelerate procurement and deliver quantifiable, sourcing-led cost savings to their enterprise.  

In this webinar, Jenny Draper, Spend Matters General Manager, Europe and procurement industry expert, Richard Beaumont, Managing Director and Procurement Entrepreneur from Peer Pair Ltd, and Vivek Bharti, sourcing technology expert at Icertis, will discuss how leading procurement organizations are using concurrent contracting to meet these goals. Concurrent contracting is an emerging best practice that introduces contract language at the beginning of the sourcing process to avoid downstream delays after a supplier is chosen. 

Enabled by cutting-edge contract management technology, concurrent contracting creates business value by reducing risk, streamlining workflows and speeding up contract cycles.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • What concurrent contracting is and how it is benefiting procurement organizations
  • How Contract Lifecycle Management technology delivers cost savings and accelerates procurement cycle processes
  • How sourcing organizations can minimize procurement risks in an increasingly complex, global business environment


Jenny Draper

General Manager

Spend Matters

Vivek Bharti

General Manager


Richard Beaumont

Managing Director

PeerPair Ltd

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