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CFOs have emerged as critical leaders in today’s turbulent business climate. It is incumbent upon us, as CFOs, to control cost, balance the cash cycle and minimize enterprise risk in order to lead our organizations to a swift recovery—and take the lessons learned today forward to prepare for the next unforeseen challenge.  

CFOs who have access to real-time data on every dollar in and out of their company have a distinct advantage to act quickly and efficiently to meet these goals—data that can only be found in contracts. In this webcast, we share how rapid advances in contract lifecycle management (CLM) technology allow today’s CFOs to turn contracts into valuable corporate assets that maximize revenue, reduce cost, accelerate cash flow and minimize risk.  

Join Curt Anderson, CFO at Icertis, Jessica Heidman, Partner at PwC, and John Connors, Partner at Ignition Partners and former CFO at Microsoft, to discuss the latest business trends surfaced by PwC research and tech trends that impact how the CFO does business.

In the webcast you will hear:

  • PwC survey data on how companies are approaching today’s challenges
  • Why cloud computing is enabling CFOs to completely rethink contracting, and the value of those contracts in enabling efficiency and decreasing risk in other core business processes
  • How Icertis is helping companies navigate current market challenges and prepare for the future   


John Connors


Ignition Partners

Former CFO, Microsoft

Curt Anderson

Chief Financial Officer


Jessica Heidman



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