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Over the last two years, contract teams have responded to a constant stream of crisis and calamity, from a global pandemic to historic supply chain disruption to geopolitical unrest; each crisis has refined and redefined the discipline of contracting and reliance on data embedded in CLM and other enterprise systems. The rise of ESG is providing yet another opportunity to accelerate contract transformation (ACT) within enterprises. Critical conversations around ESG are reshaping how CLM and contract intelligence achieve heightened supply-chain trust and transparency. Join leaders from Icertis, WCC and SAP as they discuss their shared vision that when companies ACT on ESG, they transform value chains into purpose-driven networks that ensure their business relationships align with the impact they want to make in the world.  

In This Session, We’ll Cover:  

  • Common pain points for organizations as they seek guidance to better understand and operationalize ESG guidelines and new regulations; 
  • The power of contract intelligence and how to best integrate CLM with rich data sources to navigate complex ESG requirements; 
  • Practical steps companies need to take in connection with their contracting processes and CLM maturity to be ready to respond to the changing needs of the market-driven by ESG. 


Paul Gleeson

Sr. Vice President, Alliance and Partners


Baber Farooq

Sr. Vice President, Product Strategy, Product Strategy Procurement and External Workforce Solutions


Sally Guyer

Global Chief Executive Officer

World Contracting and Commerce

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