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Clearly, the world has changed in material and unfathomable ways since World Commerce & Contracting (formerly IACCM) released its last Most Negotiated Terms Report in 2018. COVID-19 has had dramatic impact – not least upon our contracts. How has the radical change in the business world driven by the COVID-19 pandemic impacted contracting? Exactly how will our contracts change? Will this be the year that Force Majeure knocks Limitations of Liability from the top spot? Will payment terms, data security, and termination rights rise up the chart? Which terms do we need to revise? 

The answer to these questions lie in the highly anticipated 2020 Most Negotiated Terms Report. In this TASK webinar, and in conjunction with the release of the 2020 report, World Commerce & Contracting President Tim Cummins sits down with Bernadette Bulacan, Lead Evangelist at Icertis, to share highlights from the report so that you can be ready to drive collaboration, anticipate changes to your templates and clauses, and better support future contract negotiations.


Tim Cummins

Founder and President

World Commerce & Contracting

Bernadette Bulacan

VP and Lead Evangelist


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