Supply Chain resiliency is top of mind for all organizations, with a laser focus on foundational contract resiliency that's necessary between commercial partners. As organizations emerge from one of the most significant global disruptions in history, many contracting processes and technology gaps have surfaced. As a result, contracting professionals embedded across matrixed and complex enterprises are now looking to better navigate future market volatility and deliver confidence and business continuity by incorporating resiliency and flexibility into their commercial and contract strategy playbooks.

Join Pierre Mitchell, Managing Director and Chief Research Officer, Spend Matters, Bruce Everett, Regional CEO APAC, World Commerce and Contracting, and Bernadette Bulacan, Vice President - Lead Evangelist, Icertis as they explore industry trends, discuss best practices and provide real-world examples of how businesses are futureproofing their organizations through contract lifecycle management to face uncertainty and complexity. 

In this webinar, we'll discuss: 

  • The role of contracts in calibrating your response in an environment of unheralded commercial complexity and uncertainty
  • How to incorporate resiliency and flexibility into your commercial and contract strategy
  • Examples of how CLM technology helped organizations to respond quickly and prepare a playbook for handling future shocks. 


Bruce Everett

Regional CEO APAC

World Commerce & Contracting

Bernadette Bulacan

Vice President, Lead Evangelist


Pierre Mitchell

Managing Director and Chief Research Officer

Spend Matters

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