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Contracts form the foundation of critical business and commercial relationships. Effectively managing these contracts to derive maximum business value while minimizing risk can be difficult, especially when faced with large volumes of third-party or legacy contracts stored in outdated repositories.  For companies embarking on a digital transformation that require contract due diligence at scale, or when faced with a complex situation such as a merger or acquisition, these challenges are especially pronounced.

In this webcast, we will discuss how forward-looking businesses are leveraging the power of AI to convert legacy, current and third party contracts into powerful corporate assets that can be used to gain deeper insights for negotiations, mitigate risks and improve compliance.

Join George Painumkal, Senior Director of Product Management at Icertis, and Shirish Pathade, Senior Product Manager for AI applications at Icertis as they discuss how AI enables contract management champions to optimize negotiations, make more accurate predictions, automate processes and decision making, accelerate contract turnaround time and improve compliance.

You will also learn about:

  • The out-of-box AI capabilities of ICM that are changing the rules of business
  • How AI helps digitize and future-proof your paper-based legacy and third-party contracts through a live product demonstration


George Painumkal

Senior Director, Product Management


Shirish Pathade

Senior Product Manager


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