Today’s pharmaceutical and biotech companies are grappling with complex drug trial processes, highly regulated promotional programs, and complex supply chains. At the heart of all these challenges are contracts. Pharmaceutical and biotech companies face a broad set of contract challenges that span R&D, sourcing, sales, and promotions. If left unaddressed, these challenges can lead to serious delays in bringing a drug to market, raise the risk of major fines for non-compliance, and reduced profits due to sourcing inefficiencies.

Join Raoul Enait, Contract Specialist Manager, Contract Center of Excellence at SanofiDivya Baranawal, Research Director at Quadrant Knowledge Solutions, and Harshad Oak, General Manager - Customer Adoption & Value at Icertis as they discuss trends, strategies, and best practices for navigating market challenges for the pharmaceutical industry. How Sanofi faced challenges to gain visibility into buy-side contracts to facilitate global expansion and why they selected Icertis to govern all contracts globally. Also hear from Quadrant as they highlight key insights and findings from the emerging technology trends in the pharmaceutical industry and growing contract lifecycle management (CLM) adoption in the market.

Learn how leading pharmaceutical companies - including five of the world’s top eight - are leveraging the Icertis Contract Intelligence (ICI) platform to accelerate clinical trials, protect against regulatory risk and maximize the value of supplier relationships providing unprecedented visibility into contracts and streamlining processes for all stakeholders and departments.

In this session we will discuss:

  • How Sanofi streamlined its contracting processes to drive increased business velocity and improved monitoring and standardization across its contracting operations with the ICI platform.
  • CLM technology trends in Pharma Industry, increasing adoption of advanced analytics and AI-powered contracting to improve automated data extraction.
  • Independent, expert analyst insights on CLM and why Icertis is the leader in the category.
  • How the ICI platform’s specialized solutions have helped customers improve compliance, optimize supply chain, and better manage their obligations.

     Icertis is trusted by 5 of the top 8

      Global Pharmaceutical Companies

The interactive eBook for Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Industry includes a host of useful resources including our customer success stories, the Icertis Contract Intelligence (ICI) product portfolio, business applications, and videos to jumpstart your introduction to Icertis.


Raoul Enait

Contract Specialist Manager, Contracting Center of Excellence


Divya Baranawal

Research Director

Quadrant Knowledge Solutions

Harshad Oak

General Manager, Customer Value & Adoption


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