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Distributed Ledger Technology (aka Blockchain) is often associated with cryptocurrency. However, enterprises are harnessing this mature technology to reliably interconnect disparate parts of their infrastructure in ways never before possible—particularly in the field of contract management. Blockchain will provide greater transparency across the enterprise, including full visibility into contract workflows, data storage security and compliance.
Join guest speaker Martha Bennett, Forrester Research Vice President and Principal Analyst; Mahesh Narayanan, Microsoft Principal Product Manager, Azure Blockchain Engineering; and Sunu Engineer, Icertis Principal Architect, Icertis Blockchain Framework, as they explore ways enterprises can successfully scale with this emerging technology.

Key Takeaways:

  • Current blockchain myths and how enterprises can overcome them to realize blockchain maturity
  • How the marriage of blockchain and smart contracts enhances process flows to reduce friction, create better visibility for an enterprise and help organizations realize their potential
  • Ways to leverage blockchain technology to create a collaborative world view in contracting scenarios that install multi-party interaction models to increase security

Featured Speakers

Martha Bennett

VP, Principal Analyst

Forrester Research

Mahesh Narayanan

GPM, Azure Blockchain Engineering


Sunu Engineer

Principal Architect



Anne Baker

Senior Director, Partner Marketing


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