The Whatfix – Icertis partnership has been an ongoing success since 2018 with more than 25 successful implementations globally and multi-layered integration across all departments. We also have recently made exciting changes to our agreement to have a more strategic partnership with Whatfix. 

For many organizations, slow or incomplete adoption of a new CLM platform delays the full realization of the transformational benefits that come with enterprise contract management software. Organizations have found that with non-interactive training material, users absorb only a limited amount of information during the initial onboarding, and that a lack of on-demand tips within the application results in a lot of hand-holding from tech support for continued use and optimization of the application. With Whatfix on the Icertis Contract Management (ICM) platform, companies can quickly and effectively train users with a smart and scalable onboarding Digital Adoption Solution.

Icertis is joining Whatfix to host this webinar, so register now to hear our panelists discuss how we can help accelerate the adoption of your enterprise contract management software.

  • Sripathi Chakkravarthi, Digital Adoption Consultant at Whatfix
  • Ian Heath, Director - Partner Sales at Icertis

In this webinar, the panelists will discuss how:

  • Companies have improved their user engagement with personalized onboarding material
  • Real-time feedback can provide insights into the effectiveness of training with Whatfix Analytics
  • Companies realize a quicker return on investment on ICM with Whatfix
  • To prepare for future crises, ensure business continuity, and share best practices
  • You can quickly deploy easy-to-follow, real-time, learn-by-doing training programs within the ICM platform


Sripathi Chakkravarthi

Digital Adoption Consultant


Ian Heath

Director, Partner Sales


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